breakfast pastries

cinnamon hives  
flaky, moist cinnamon roll, made with our croissant dough

flaky dough layered with lots of butter

chocolate croissant   
made with Callebaut chocolate (a Belgian bittersweet, smooth, dark chocolate)

savory croissant   in rotation daily
black forest ham and gruyere, smoked turkey and Tillamook cheddar or jalapeño, bacon and cream cheese

candied orange and poppy seed filling in our flaky, buttery croissant

cardamom brioche  
our brioche dough dipped in honey butter and rolled in cardamom and brown sugar before baking

scones   in rotation daily  
mixed berry, strawberry, cinnamon raspberry, lemon blueberry, and pear ginger

morning glory muffins
carrot, zucchini, and raisin muffin with apple juice, almonds and grains (non-dairy)

our walnut-raisin bread dough baked with apricot purée and pumpkin seeds, brushed with honey(non-dairy) – great sliced in half like a bagel with cream cheese 

village baker granola

village baker granola  
toasted oats, seeds, raisins, and apricots sweetened with honey and real maple syrup with no added fat

cinnamon hazelnut granola   
toasted oats and hazelnuts sweetened with cinnamon honey and sprinkled with raisins


valentine sugar cookie

chocolate crackle cookie 

linzer heart cookie 

truffle cookie 


oatmeal-chocolate chip cookie
with walnuts, coconut and Callebaut chocolate

chocolate chunk cookie
with Callebaut chocolate

oatmeal-raisin cookie
with raisins soaked in Meyers Dark Rum

toasted coconut, candied ginger, poppy seed and lemon, peanut butter, and gluten-free chocolate hazelnut

caramel apple tart  
butter and cream tart dough with sliced Northwest Granny Smith apples, fresh caramel and almonds

chocolate-apricot macaroons   
coconut macaroon with dried apricot puree, dipped in Callebaut chocolate (gluten-free)

bars   in rotation seasonally
marionberry bar, brownie, lemon bar, pumpkin-hazelnut bar, raspberry walnut joy

a flaky, free-form rustic pie with our baker’s choice of fruit fillings -seasonally available varieties include marionberry, mixed berry, blueberry peach, raspberry peach and apple cranberry; also available frozen/unbaked 

chocolate eddy  
our most popular dessert – Callebaut chocolate and cream cheese in a pâte brisée crust 

village cake   seasonally available
our signature individual cakes 

citrus shortcake   seasonally available
tender buttermilk shortcakes flavored with freshly grated citrus zest.

We always have a variety of take-and-bake frozen pastries available.