Welcome to our Village Baker blog

Welcome to our Village Baker blog!

Here you will find a curious and informative collection of our favorite recipes, interesting articles, local community tidbits, and fun morsels from inside the bakery.  You can select and browse through topics in the word cloud of categories(to the right on desktops and below on mobile devices).  We hope you enjoy browsing though!

Give the Gift of WÜSTHOF Knives

Once again we have WÜSTHOF knives available for the holidays.  Always a popular gift, each knife purchase comes with a gift certificate for a loaf of our popular Striata bread.  These knives are available at our Eastside & Westside locations.


9-inch-bread9 inch Double Serrated Bread Knife

The design of the double serrated bread knife allows it to glide through crusty breads with minimal crumbs and without damaging the inside of the loaf. 


Classic 2-piece 4.5 inch Artisan Utility Knife with Bamboo Cutting Board

The two-piece set contains a 4.5 inch serrated utility knife and bamboo cutting board. 



Gourmet 2 Piece Shear and Spreader Setspreader

The two-piece set contains a 5 in. spreader and come-apart kitchen shears. 

Village Baker Shortbread around Central Oregon

Where to find our Village Baker Shortbread Cookies around Central Oregon

Do you know where you can find our Shortbread Cookies? We have a variety of flavors available in coffee shops and grocery stores around the area.  These buttery delights are always available, by the dozen, half-dozen and individually at our East and West locations.

Bellatazza in Bend

Townshend’s Teahouse in Bend

Navigator News in Sisters

Back Porch Coffee in Bend
   on Newport Ave
   on Century Drive
   on Greenwood Ave

Suttle Tea in Sisters

Melvin’s Fir Street Market in Sisters

Ryans Produce in Redmond (open seasonally, June-Sept)

The Village Baker Boy’s Torpinos

The Baker Boy’s Torpinos

These Torpinos are a specialty of Ellis Kurzman, who was 4 years old when he developed it, and it remains a favorite recipe of the whole family.

½ loaf of The Village Baker’s Mockingbird bread
½ cup olive oil
1 clove garlic – finely chopped
2-3 tablespoons fresh herbs (or 1 tablespoon dried) – finely chopped (we use any herbs from our garden like rosemary, thyme, parsley, mint, lemon balm, chives and/or sage)
1 teaspoon sea salt

To prepare
Preheat oven to 350°. 
Hand-slice the Mockingbird bread into ¼” thick slices.
In a mixing bowl, whisk the olive oil, garlic, herbs and salt together.
Brush the olive oil mixture onto both sides of the sliced Mockingbird.
Lay the Mockingbird slices in a single layer on a baking sheet.
Bake for 10 minutes. Then flip them over and bake for 10 minutes more or until slightly dried.
Serve alone as a great crispy and healthy snack, with soft-ripened chèvre, and/or with sliced tomatoes or cucumbers as an appetizer.

Village Baker Citrus Shortcakes with Berries & Cream

Village Baker Citrus Shortcakes with Berries & Cream

Tender buttermilk shortcakes flavored with freshly grated citrus zest. Great alone but even better with berries from Oregon and Eberhard’s whipped cream on top

1 package of Village Baker Cirtus Shortcakes (serves 4)
2 cups of your favorite Oregon berries
1 cup Eberhard’s heavy whipping cream

To assemble
-Wash and cut up the berries. Add 1 tablespoon sugar if berries need sweetening.
-Whip the cream. Add sugar to taste.
-Slice each of the Citrus Shortcakes in half horizontally.
-Evenly add all the berries and a dollop of the whipped cream to the bottom half of each shortcake. Top off with the top of each individual shortcake and serve.

Black Butte Porter Virtual Tour

Black Butte Porter Virtual Tour

Our Black Butte Porter boule and sandwich loaf’s are made with the Deschutes Brewery’s Black Butte Porter beer.  That signature taste has made these old world breads a distinct favorite among locals and visitors.  Deschutes Brewery offers a virtual tour in the video below… it’s really quite amazing, with 360 degree visuals… and if you haven’t been there in person, it is well worth the hike!  You can read about the Bend Bulletin article here and/or watch the video below.

On their YouTube Video, Deschutes Brewery shares, “Most folks outside of our home state don’t realize several of our beers, like Black Butte Porter, are named after Central Oregon landmarks. So, to help everyone understand why we named our flagship porter after this unique volcanic butte, we thought we’d take you there using the latest VR technology.