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the French sourdough starter, is an intensely alive mixture of flour and water. The secret of the sourdough process lies in the art of stimulating this wild culture into a storm of reproductive activity. This is accomplished by the action of wild airborne yeast, which is always around us. Levain is developed through slow fermentation which is not only vital in providing the bread with flavor but also in preventing spoilage. Traditional pain au levains are popular for their thick, caramelized crust and moist, tangy crumb.

baguette & seeded baguette
poppy seed, sesame seed, flax seed and fennel seed

walnut raisin
levain bursting with raisins and toasted walnuts

pain au levain
traditional European-style country sourdough

whole wheat
unsweetened multi-grain levain made with cracked wheat, toasted oats and whole wheat flour

black butte porter™
dark multi-grain levain in the Bavarian style, moist  and slightly sweet, flavored with Deschutes Brewery’s Black Butte Porter beer and made with roasted barley, coarse rye, dark rye flour and whole wheat flour

peasant black
dark multi-grain levain flavored with caramelized onions, poppy seeds and cornmeal

Norwegian-style bread made with over fifteen different grains and seeds and coated with sunflower seeds


an Italian sponge starter made from flour, water and a pinch of yeast. It’s a wet but firm slurry that is mixed at least twenty-four hours before its use. Slow fermentation allows for development, in the same fashion as in levain, which is not only vital in providing the bread with flavor but also in preventing spoilage.

Tuscan style bread featuring a golden caramelized crust and light, moist crumb

Italian flatbread sprinkled with poppy seeds. It has a chewy cracker-like crust and a porous, webbed crumb

pandura / rosemary pandura
rustic hard rolls

corn rye
multi-grain made with coarse rye, rye flour, whole wheat flour, cornmeal and toasted caraway seeds

village baker bagels
traditional malted bagel with our signature chewy crust, available in plain, salted, poppy seed, sesame seed, mixed seed or onion poppy seed

specialty breads

traditional braided egg bread, to celebrate the Sabbath, featuring a tender, slightly sweet crumb

cinnamon swirl bread
sweet cinnamon filling swirled into a brioche bread

brioche pull-apart rolls
a buttery cluster of 9 brioche rolls, great for dinner rolls or sliders – available frozen year round